15 Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Slack Communities to Follow if you Work in Tech

Communities in slack are steadily growing day over day, boasting 44+ million daily active users across the globe! Especially in this time of remote work and social distancing, Slack helps small and large teams improve their productivity by acting as a hub of communication and transparent information to improve workflow. In addition to being the go-to team communication and collaboration tool, public Slack communities have become a medium for students, professionals and groups across the globe to share tips and tricks, provide resources that others can leverage, and engage in meaningful conversation on myriad topics.

One area of growing conversation in communities (both in-person and slack) is that of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) in the technology space. Organizations are putting time and resources into learning about how to best advocate and promote inclusive and diverse environments for their team members. Slack communities offer a unique platform for companies to communicate about, bounce ideas, and adopt I&D best practices from leaders and organizations paving the way for I&D in tech.

Sifting through thousands of slack channels to find what you’re looking for is not the most exciting thing that you could be doing, so in order to help you figure out which I&D in tech focused Slack groups to join, I’ve rounded up the best communities for folks who are interested in learning best practices and communicating with others around inclusion and diversity best practices & resources for technology communities. Some of these communities are built specifically for geographical areas where others are focused on subsets of inclusion and diversity, though all of them have resources to share and folks to bounce ideas off of. Keep scrolling and sign up for any that peak your interest! Let me know if there are any I&D communities that i’ve missed!

Example of a community (Path 4 Progress) that also has a Slack community for discussion around inclusion and diversity



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